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The easiest way to add value to your home and make money while you're living there

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Turning your Basement to a Rental is not just for making some extra money, but it will also add to your home value. You may renovate you basement to a SDU (Secondary Dwelling Unit) with the help of the banks.

Ottawa Home Contractors is an experienced general contractor company, Which can help you with the whole process from the design, permit to the construction and occupancy.

Know the legalities

Before planning your renovations, you nee to know the city requirements and Building codes for your specific renovation, You may find more information at add a secondary dwelling to your home in Ottawa, or by simply call Ottawa Home Contractors to have a free consultation about this renovation project.

When it comes to a SDU (Secondary Dwelling Unit) or Legal Rental Basement There are a lot of requirements that you have to consider to make sure you will pass the occupancy inspection after your basement renovation is done.

For example, there are specific fire rating specification that you have to consider for your SDU, You need to know the difference between Common areas, and two units, Also your basement needs to have specific windows with specific size in each bedroom and living room after your renovation is done.

If you have questions about any requirements, Ottawa Home Contractors is happy to help. Working with a trusted general contractor which has lots of successful experience in basement renovation specifically in SDU or Legal Rental Basements ensures that these specifications are all met before and during your basement renovation.

General Contractors in Ottawa

Ottawa Home Contractors Ltd. brings over 10 years of experience in renovations and home improvement projects. We can help you design and build legal basement suites (SDU) and other renovations, including bathrooms, kitchens, and more. If you want to develop the basement or improve your home, trust the professionals at Ottawa Home Contractors Ltd.

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