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Basement Finishing In Orleans.

The Customer asked for a multi-use Finished basement, they wanted to have the most use of the basement, The idea was to have an office, a Gym and a TV Room in their basement that We are finishing. Our job as a designer and General Contractor is to make sure they will get what they want, So We separated the Gym area by having an accent wall and building a built-in TV Bench and fireplace as well as shelving.

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Bathroom In Basement - Ottawa

Building a bathroom in a basement has its own challenges, as in the basements we are dealing with concrete, in this project we found out that it’s not just a normal concrete and it’s a foundation concrete with rebars. We came up with a new solution and installed a wall mounted Toilet which made the job much more beautiful and cleaner. The advantage of using wall mounted toilets in bathroom renovations is that you can sweep the floor underneath of the toilet and keep the bathroom cleaner.

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation - Nepean

The most important part of a bathroom renovation is the tiling, as a designer and general contractor we have to make sure that we meet the customers expectation when it comes to the tiling patterns. This is a niche of this bathroom that customer asked to have the niche with the same tile and we wanted to make sure that the pattern flow in the niche continuously.

Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

SDU (Secondary Dwelling Unit) - Orleans

Finishing a basement as a legal rental basement is one of the most challenging renovation projects, it involves, City Permit and inspections, Structural adjustments as you will need to close off the current entrance and open a new entrance, and it also requires enough Knowledge of Ontario Building Codes to make sure everything is going the way it supposed to go. In this project We finished the whole 3 Bedrooms Basement in two months and made the unit ready to be rented.

As a General Contractor is our job to make sure We meet the requirements for the city approval which having an Ontario Building Codes certification helps us to achieve that.

SDU Secondary Dwelling Unit

Bathroom Renovation - Barrhaven

The Customer asked for a niche in the bathroom to be built by the exact same tile that We're tiling the walls without any edging. Our tile installers with the help of their knowledge and experience miter cut all the corners of the tiles and built that out with the same pattern and same tiles.

Bathroom Renovation - Barrhaven

Bathroom Renovation - Barrhaven

In a powder room or a bathroom renovation You may use tiles, or vinyl (LVT) on the floor, the main concern is to make sure you are using a water resistant flooring otherwise it will not be up to code. So when you are buying any flooring for bathrooms just check with the manufacture and make sure it's water resistant. In this project the old flooring wasn't a water resistant flooring and there was a huge damage to the subfloor which we replaced prior to the renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Barrhaven
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